Why PMs are lonely and how we can build genuine PM friendships to improve our lives.
Understand how you're evaluated to choose the right scope to take on (and help your teammates do the same).

July 2021

Use kickoff meetings to empower builders to drive execution.

June 2021

Get the decisions, alignment and visibility your team needs to achieve more.
Use the processes below to make small, medium and large prioritization decisions more easily.
Weave product discovery into your roadmap to find the highest impact opportunities
Use this lightweight process to drive cross-org product decisions
A step-by-step process I use to create a clear roadmap with my team.

May 2021

Get the most from your team by tapping into their full skill-set.

April 2021

Using lead and lag metrics to track progress - for your product and life.

March 2021

Have more impact by surveying, prioritizing and seeking leverage
Save you and your team hours a week using these templates