Behind the scenes of the $8.1B fintech startup defying the odds

October 2022

Grow your career by embracing accountability

July 2022

All of the templates, tips and examples I wish I knew when applying for product manager and associate product manager roles
The definitive, 25-page guide on resumes and interviews from an APM alumni

June 2022

Navigating downturns as an employee

May 2022

A template I use to manage up more effectively

April 2022

My playbook for job searches in a new industry, based on my experience with Web3.
Build career champions that will help you grow and find opportunities

March 2022

Plus three feedback templates for the conflict-adverse

January 2022

I’ve decided to make the jump from Facebook/Meta into the world of blockchain, crypto and web3. I’ll be joining Paxos as a product manager to modernize…

September 2021

How to grow your responsibilities and career at the same time.
Transferring internally is the best way to transition into a PM role - and hire new PMs.